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All notes on Oscar’s Notes are structured in the following format:

This is a brief summary of the book.
Key Takeaways
These are the key themes, lessons, or messages I took away from reading the book. This section also includes the challenges and exercises the book suggests to the reader (if applicable).

It is important to keep in mind that these are my takeaways from the book and may not be the same themes, lessons, or messages as the book author(s) intended.

Extra Notes
These are my observations related to a specific parts/sections of the book, they are not notes from the book’s content itself.
Get the book
A list of affiliate links to places where you could purchase a copy of the book from.

Important Note

Reading the notes on Oscar’s Notes is not a substitute to reading the actual books themselves. The notes on Oscar’s Notes are here to act as a quick reference and/or reminder of the key themes, points, and takeaways from the books.

I hope you find the notes to be helpful.

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